Fri, September 01, 2017


See the movie Jigsaw theaters October 27th and experience a horror based escape room at The Darkness.  Horror Escape puts players inside the movie where they find themselves with a life and death decision... one member of your group must die to save the rest.  Will you survive?   The new 3 minute Escape Room experience is located at the exit of The Darkness, plays up to five people and costs $5.00 per person.  This escape room is SCARY!

Up to five players can play.  Cost is $5.00 per person.  Opens first weekend of October.  The Darkness opens September 22nd.  This is just one more attraction at The Darkness 2017 which also includes Zombie Laser Tag, Terror Visions, St Louis Escape, Outdoor Scream Zone and much more. 

 Our other escape rooms located next door at St Louis Escape including the Mummy, Subway, Haunted Hotel, and Cellar are 60 minute escape rooms you can book those at 

St Louis, Missouri biggest, best and most sophisticated Escape Room Games complete with interactive puzzles, special fx, and much more.  Are you ready to crack the codes, find the clues, solve the puzzles and discover the riddles and escape in 60 minutes or less?  Saint Louis Missouri has many escape room attractions but the best one is produced by the team behind The Darkness in downtown St Louis Missouri.  No other room escape game can compare to the high end realism, special fx, puzzles, clues, and detail.   We offer four different escape rooms including, Haunted Hotel, Mummy Escape, Cellar Escape and Subway Escape.  Have you ever imagined being a secret agent, a spy, or a bank robber wanting to crack into a safe before getting caught.  Our Escape Rooms give you an adventure of a lifetime.  We offer corporate groups, team building, birthday parties and much more.  Our escape rooms also feature an amazing lobby perfect for your groups to socialize while you wait.  Learn more at the best St Louis escape rooms


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