You must book a minimum of four slots to reserve any room, but there is no minimum number of actual players.  You will not play with guests you do not know.   We accept walk-ins but only for open rooms and again with a minimum of four slots purchased.

Play at your own risk – we are not responsible for any injury.  Do not play if you suffer from flu-like symptoms or any pre-existing conditions such as heart problems, are prone to seizures or are not physically fit.  Do not climb on any props.  All puzzles can be solved from a standing position.  Do not damage sets or props.  Tipping game masters is optional but appreciated.

If you book MINI GOLF show up EXACTLY at your booking time.  If you book an escape room show up 10-15 minutes PRIOR to your booking but no earlier.  We have limited lobby space.

REFUND POLICY: There are NO REFUNDS for ANY REASON!  Bookings are reserving spots that other guests could book.  If a guest can notify us within 12 hours of event booking, we can offer a credit to the guest for a future booking.

When using a coupon, slots booked must match the coupon slots EXACTLY.  For example: if you are attempting to use a Groupon for Four, you must book for exactly four participants.  – Please call us if you wish to add participants.

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