• Team Size: 4-10
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Type: Horror
  • Number of Rooms: 5
  • Square Footage: 1000
  • Fear Factor: Scary
  • Difficulty Level: Expert
  • Escape Rate: 34%

NOTE:  Number of rooms refers to how many rooms each escape features.  This is the number of rooms you must escape per attraction.  Team size is the allowed amount of people to book any one room.  Keep in mind you can add more players at the door to any private experience, however the room might be cramped.  


Deep in the heart of Transylvania sits Dracula’s Castle the lair of blood thirsty vampires. Retrace the steps of Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker to find where these creatures of the night sleep.  Survive attacks by werewolves, vampires and finally come face to face with Dracula himself.  Will you escape with your life inside Dracula’s Castle?  Dracula escape is an expert escape room for groups of 4 to 8 players.  Dracula escape boasts 5 different rooms to complete in order to escape.  Dracula escape features life size animations, CGI FX, amazing detail and complex puzzles.  Prepare yourself for our most challenging escape room yet. This room is rated for players aged 12+.