Escape Room Games in St Louis Missouri

Curse of The Mummy Escape

You are part of an archaeological excavation of an CURSED Egyptian tomb. Traps have sealed your fate, doors have closed and you will run out of air in less then 60 minutes. The escape room features realistic environment, special effects, animations, puzzles, clues and riddle to escape to freedom. This Room was just totally updated in March 2018 with all new puzzles, clues and special fx.



Escape Percentage 23%
Fear Factor 26%
Difficulty 63%
Guest Rating 98%

Cellar Escape

A serial killer has locked you in a dark basement. He will return in 60 minutes to finish the job. This escape game features a serial killer who constantly monitors your every move you must find clues, solve puzzles while evading the serial killers camera. You must find a way to escape his cellar prison before he returns. This room was recently renovated in April 2018 with all new puzzles, clues, and set design.



Escape Percentage 37%
Fear Factor 41%
Difficulty 52%
Guest Rating 96%

Run Away Subway Escape

Imagine you are a secret agent and you must stop a nuclear attack on New York City. Terrorists have planted a bomb on a runaway subway car. All the hostages are locked inside a runaway subway car your mission escape from the subway car, stop the subway from entering the city, find the bomb and defuse it and save the city! Can you complete the mission?



Escape Percentage 30%
Fear Factor 1%
Difficulty 51%
Guest Rating 96%

Haunted Hotel Escape Rooms

Haunted Hotel is one of the best escape rooms in America with several multi motion animations, CGI FX, high tech puzzles, Hollywood detail and a multi room escape. Check in but you may never check out.



Escape Percentage 26%
Fear Factor 26%
Difficulty 63%
Guest Rating 89%


Escape Rooms in St Louis the best, biggest, #1 rated and most detailed complex Escape Room Games in America.   We are offering four different escape rooms including a Mummy Adventure, Serial Killer escape, Subway escape and Haunted Hotel coming soon. St Louis Escape also features private party rooms and lobby filled with games.  Each escape room features HIGH TECH special fx, Hollywood quality detail themed rooms, complex puzzles, and much more.  NO OTHER ESCAPE rooms in the St Louis area feature animations, and high detailed environments like our escape rooms.  Unlike all the other escape the rooms games in STL, our rooms are massive with multi rooms to hold more players.  We do allow walks ups but you should book in advance. 

Escape Rooms in St Louis

Escape Room Games in America

Left for Dead in a basement locked up in a make shift cell.  There is no way out and the killer promises to return within one hour to finish the job.  Our basement themed escape room has been called the most detailed and largest escape room of its kind in America.  This escape room feature SIX different rooms with realistic scenery, electronic puzzles, mysteries, and much more.  Our basement themed escape room not only includes the most realistic environment but also includes sound fx, multiple rooms, sophisticated puzzles, smell machines and much more. There is NO ESCAPE ROOM IN ST LOUIS bigger, more realistic or more challenging than our basement themed escape room. 

NOTE:  None of our escape rooms are scary or feature actors.  Our basement room themed escape room is our scariest themed escape room but more than suitable for all ages.

Mummy Adventure Escape

Mummy Adventure Escape:  Prepare to escape from an ancient mummies tomb cursed by the stings of a thousand scorpions.  A team of archeologists have disappeared, you are lost and have less than 60 minutes to escape before your air runs out. Solve puzzles, riddles, and electronic clues to solve the mysteries of the sphinx.  This attraction features three different rooms and is one of the largest escape rooms in the WORLD!  Along your adventure you must find hidden clues deep under the sand, unlock secret doors, and find hidden rooms to survive the mummies curse. The Mummy themed escape room is the most elaborate escape room in America. 

NOTE:  None of our escape rooms are scary or feature actors.  The Mummy escape is NOT scary and features no gore and is suitable for all ages. 

Subway Escape: A subway has been hijacked and installed a bomb on board.  You have been taken hostage and the subway is on a collusion coarse with downtown and once the Subway arrives the bomb will detonate.  Your mission is to escape confinement then to figure a way to shut down the subway car, find the bomb and defuse it to save your city.  Are you ready to be a secret agent hacking into computers, finding clues and saving your city?  The Subway escape features high tech animations, computer generated fx, electronic puzzles, high end detail, sound fx, animated subway car and much more.  

Note:  Subway Escape does not feature any actors and is not scary.  However this escape room features high tech lighting fx such as strobe lights and features motion based subway car. If you suffer from motion sickness you can choose to play the subway escape with the moving subway car or non-moving subway car.  The moving subway car gives players the feeling the car is moving and can cause motion sickness.  Upon your arrival your group will be given the choice of motion or non-motion.

Subway Escape


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Missouri escape room


St Louis, Missouri biggest, best and most sophisticated Escape Room Games complete with interactive puzzles, special fx, and much more.  Are you ready to crack the codes, find the clues, solve the puzzles and discover the riddles and escape in 60 minutes or less?  Saint Louis Missouri has many escape room attractions but the best one is produced by the team behind The Darkness in downtown St Louis Missouri.  No other room escape game can compare to the high end realism, special fx, puzzles, clues, and detail.   We offer four different escape rooms including, Haunted Hotel, Mummy Escape, Cellar Escape and Subway Escape.  Have you ever imagined being a secret agent, a spy, or a bank robber wanting to crack into a safe before getting caught.  Our Escape Rooms give you an adventure of a lifetime.  We offer corporate groups, team building, birthday parties and much more.  Our escape rooms also feature an amazing lobby perfect for your groups to socialize while you wait.  Learn more at the best St Louis escape rooms


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