Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you wait to play and how early can we arrive?

Our escape rooms feature a lobby with pinball and arcades plus multiple escape rooms and mini golf.  Our lobby is limited.  If you book an escape room DO NOT show up more than 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled booking.  If you book MINI GOLF show up EXACTLY at the time of booking.  Mini Golf players DO NOT show up prior to your booking time.  Escape Room players you MUST show up at least 10 to 15 minutes prior to the booking.  Our lobby has restrooms, tables and chairs. 

Do we really get LOCKED in a room?

Yes, but the entrances of all escape rooms are ALWAYS unlocked.  If you must exit, you simply come right back out the way you came in.  The goal of the game is to proceed forward by escaping each consecutive room to the final door.  If you get out of the escape room before 60 minutes elapse, you win!

Can we book a private room?

Currently all rooms are private but you must book at least four slots. You can play with less than
4 players but you still have to pay for 4 or more slots. Players can also be added the day of with
a credit card at our check in counter.

Every escape room in town claims to be the “best” or “#1” in St. Louis. What makes St. Louis Escape so outstanding?

Easy one.  All other escape rooms in St. Louis are poorly detailed.  Typically you would just escape from one single room, with no electronic puzzles or special effects.  Most of the local escape rooms offer a theme, but the rooms themselves do not give you the impact of that theme.  When you visit our Hollywood-quality, world-class immersive rooms, you are surrounded with amazing detail, incredible special effects, complicated puzzles and much more.  You will feel like you are inside a movie!  Our escape rooms have been toured by escape room owners across the nation and they say we’re the best escape rooms in America.  Our company not only operates escape rooms here in St. Louis, we build them for clients everywhere across the world.  See for yourself, there is NO comparison between OUR escape rooms and ANY of the others in the St. Louis market.

Are weapons allowed inside the escape rooms?

NO!  Do not bring any with you.

Do you offer bathrooms?

Yes, we have restrooms in our escape room lobby.

Can you explain the parking situation?

There is a city parking lot to the side of the Escape Room, and street parking directly in front of our building.  DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR CAR… we provide LOCKERS.  Use them to store your valuables inside the building.

There is a big game on tonight and I don’t want to miss it… do you show sports in the lobby?

Yes we do!  You can watch the game in our massive lobby on a huge television.  And yes, we have all the sports channels.  Every night we’re open the televisions are showing the hottest games.  So before your escape room adventure or after, check the scores and check out the games.  JUST ASK OUR GAMEMASTERS to change the channel to any sporting event. 

Should we TIP the gamemasters and do you take CASH for walk up bookings?

YES you should tip your game master if you feel they did a great job.  We also have a bonus system for our game masters, when leaving a review mention them as part of your review.  Tips aren’t required but much appreciated.  We do not take cash for walk ups only credit cards.


Are the rooms SCARY?

The themes of our escape rooms are Dracula, Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Cellar escape, Blackbeard’s Revenge, Frankenstein, and Haunted Hotel escape. The Pirate theme feels more like an “Indiana Jones” or “Pirate’s of the Caribbean” adventure, not scary.  Spooky ghosts and strange supernatural activity await you in our Haunted Hotel.  The Haunted Hotel has the feeling of a “Ghostbusters” or “Haunted Mansion” movie – spooky but not scary.  Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a fun adventure suitable for the entire family.  The Cellar escape features a serial killer theme and although there are some dead bodies inside, there are no actors and nothing that jumps out at you.  Frankenstein and Dracula are Gothic adventures through castles. There is one animation that can be scary.  Overall not scary. 

Jurassic Island features scary elements including a life sized T-Rex, Raptor and CGI effects.

What about children? Is there an age limit?

NO, however we do not suggest the games for anyone under the age of 12.  Each player under the age of 18 must have their parents sign a waiver on their behalf.  Children between the ages of 8 and 17 are permitted only with an adult.  Adults must purchase the tickets and play the game with any and all minors at all times.

Must I sign a waiver form before playing?

Anyone over 18 does not need to sign a waiver…but we are NOT responsible for ANY injury.  By agreeing to play the game you’re accepting all responsibility for any and all injury.  You play at your OWN RISK!  If for any reason you feel sick, or need medical attention simply walk out of the escape room and come back to the lobby, or have someone from your group offer you assistance.  We can suspend the game and resume later.  We reserve the right to have everyone sign a waiver, however you must understand that you play at your own risk.  If you have any type of medical condition that might cause you problems, check with a doctor before playing.  Escape Rooms can be exhausting both mentally and physically.  If you suffer from any type of claustrophobia or are prone to panic attacks you should NOT play Escape Rooms.

Are walk-ups welcome?

YES!  All bookings are done ONLINE.  However if you simply walk up you can always check to see availability.  Depending on when you arrive, you could go in with no wait – even if the website shows it is fully booked (due to a cut-off time in the online reservation system).  Even if you visit us at the last minute doesn’t mean you can’t still book online from your phone.  Click on the BOOK TICKETS button to see what is available.

Can I book the entire facility for times not listed on your website?

Yes we offer company and private events.  Please see our Corporate Party page for more details or

If we reserve the room and can’t make it, do you allow refunds?

NO, once the room is reserved for your group – it’s final.  You can however transfer your booking to a different group of friends, co-workers, etc.  We can also give a credit to book another day.

How much does it cost per person?

The average room cost per person is $30.00 and $14.95 for Retro Mini Golf.

How can I pay?

We have a credit card machine and can charge anyone for a walk up.

how many people can play at once in each room?

Cellar 12 – Blackbeard’s Revenge 8 – Haunted Hotel 10 – Dracula 10 – Frankenstein 10 – Wizard of Oz 8 – Jurassic Island 10
You can add additional players to your room the day of your room booking.  Simply ask our attendant
to add players and pay with a credit card.  Warning: Adding more players to a room could create a
cramped experience.

Are the lights turned off?


Why would we want to do this with our company parties, friends or family?

This is the ultimate team building/teamwork type of experience.  You’ll see that St. Louis Escape escape rooms are totally different than any others in the area.  Our escape adventures are multiple room attractions (where you move from room to room to room), with incredible detail, electronic clues and puzzles.  We also feature an amazing steampunk-themed lobby filled with pinball games, video games, board games and more.  The rooms are NOT scary, no actors, nothing jumping out at you…just prepare to have a great time.  We also now have Blacklight Interactive Mini Golf and anticipate a bar very soon!

How far in advance should we book?

We recommend booking as far in advance as possible.  Our rooms sell out often.  If you have a certain date in mind, book now.  Keep in mind that you can just walk in at anytime to see if we have openings – typically we do.

If we only have two or three people in our group will we be placed with strangers?

All of our bookings are private.  This means you must purchase at least four tickets to play, but no one else will be placed with you, and you can have as few actual players are you like.

Do I need to wear anything special?

Nope, wear whatever you want.  However we do suggest you don’t wear heels or big looping jewelry.  In fact, come casual wearing tennis shoes and a t-shirt.  So again come casual.

Where is the entrance?  Where do we park?

Good question… do you know where The Darkness is located?  The Darkness is actually in building 1525 South 8th Street and St. Louis Escape is located in the attached building at 1517.  So to be exact it’s the building next door to The Darkness.  You simply look for the door with the St. Louis Escape sign on it… open it and GO UPSTAIRS!  Where to park?  Okay… you can park directly in front of the building or any where in the street or circle of the dead end of the street.  The street is a dead end road, so park along the side of the on-ramp which is directly in front of the building.

Are their any reasons someone with medical conditions shouldn’t play?

Yes.  In The Cellar there is an area where you have to crawl.  If you can’t crawl the Cellar isn’t the game for you.  If you’re prone to seizures keep in mind that we do NOT use strobe lights however there are many lights that blink. To enter St. Louis Escape you must go up several stairs.  Make sure you’re in good medical and physical condition.  Some rooms may have moving floors if you’re prone to motion sickness you might not want to play Wizard of Oz.  We may or may not ask you to sign a waiver.  By agreeing to play the game you’re agreeing to release our business from any injury.  If you suffer from any type of claustrophobia or are prone to panic attacks you should NOT play.

Are your attractions handicapped accessible?

Great question.  The entire attraction is on the second floor of the building, so it is not easy to get to for anyone in a wheelchair.  The building is over 100 years old and has a very steep staircase making it virtually impossible to move up a wheelchair.  The only way to move up a wheelchair is through The Darkness next door but you would have to be carried up stairs to reach an old freight elevator, then through part of The Darkness which is extremely difficult.  We do not suggest you come in a wheelchair.

Do we need any special puzzle solving skills to play your games?

NO!  However if this is your first time playing an escape room we suggest you play the easiest game
first.  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is the easiest game.  Please check escape rates for each game.  First
time players should avoid Dracula and Frankenstein.

Do you have any tips for playing the games?

Yes!!!  Not everything is a clue and some items may seem to be clues but are not.  Work as a team.  Bring paper and a pen so you can write down notes.  All of our escape rooms consists of three to five rooms each.  In other words almost all other escape rooms are simply one single room, whereas our escape rooms have several you break into and discover as part of the same experience.  You may get to the end, but need to locate something back in the first room to escape.  In other words just because you’ve escaped the first room doesn’t mean you may or may not need to backtrack to crack the last room.  No climbing.  Every clue is within standing reach.  Be gentle – nothing requires brute force.  Have fun!

groupon questions?

Most common question is groupon isn’t working to book certain rooms. Answer: Groupon doesn’t apply to Cellar, Haunted Hotel, Jurassic Island or Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The next most common question is how can I add more players into my room after booking.  Answer: Once you check in at our counter request to add MORE players.  New guests will be added to your game upon payment during check in. Groupons can’t be used for walk in bookings or add on players.

how can i add additional players to my booking?

Due to Covid all bookings are private.  Once a room is booked online you can’t add more players.  However you can add additional players with a credit card the day of event.  Once you check
in at our counter request to add MORE players.  New guests will be added to your game upon payment during check in.

can you explain the parking situation?

We own the parking slots in front of the building and the circle.  You’re free to park anywhere in front of our buildings or inside the circle.  Do not block in other cars.  Do not leave valuables in your car. Inside we have lockers for your valuables including purses.  Even though we’re located in the city our cars have rarely been tampered with, however we suggest when in the City leave your window down and don’t leave valuables in the car.  St. Louis Escape is a dead end street, with no walk by traffic. Almost NO ONE walks around our building but customers.  DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES in your car.

are there refunds for any reason?

No refunds for ANY reason.  You’re booking a time slot that is now no longer available for
another group to book.  However with 24 hour advance notice we can cancel your booking and issue
your group a credit to book another day.  Email us at for cancellations.

how can i change a player after booking?

This is one of our most common questions!  You booked and you put peoples names on the booking.
This doesn’t matter.  If one of your parties guests can’t make it bring someone else.  Their name doesn’t actually matter.  Additionally you can bring additional players and pay for them at the counter the day of your escape.

can we play pinball and arcades without booking mini golf and escape rooms?

Yes.  Our pinball and arcades are available whenever we’re open for escape rooms.  Additionally there is a bill changer on site.


YES!!!  We only have limited capacity for mini golf.  Check our website and book.  You’re always welcome to stop in and check if we have availability but please don’t be disappointed if we can’t accommodate you.  Sometimes we can’t get you into mini golf but we can with escapes and vice versa.  Some days we have availability for both golf and escapes.  The best bet is to book NOW CLICK HERE!